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Services Benefits

We serve NetSuite consulting businesses and customers in all industries with high quality services offer the following growth opportunities:


Increase Profits

By reducing downtime and staff training your business can introduce new product offerings and scale with new business models in hours, not weeks or months.


Build Stronger Relationships

Keeping your clients closer to you and offering more support to their various systems can give you a competitive edge to other partners who simply can’t deliver.


Reduce Your Costs

Our single-rate, competitive consulting fee allows you to price at the market for your services while eliminating the need for additional staff or constant training.


Increase Customer Loyalty

Delivering time and again wins everyone’s heart especially your customers, by having a dedicated team of specialists and architects that know the platforms they use makes you stand out from the sea of consulting firms.


Mutual Benefit

Becoming a certified consultant takes loads of work. By allowing you to sell products and software without additional staff or training. In addition to licensing, partnerships with an experienced consultant like us adds improved customer satisfaction and retention.


Larger Business Instantly

By having the ability to scale your business instantly without the time and expense of hiring, training and developing can be a life saver when a new project comes along that you are up for but don’t have the bandwidth for.

The Dragonfly Advantage

Contractors and temps are single resources, with single focus knowledge. They often work in silos and if you have multiple single resources hired and working together, this can lead to shifted accountability, resources not knowing what everyone else is working on affecting the quality of the implementation and without proper management of these resources it could possibly lead to project failure and/or client dissatisfaction.


Our Proven Process

  • Basically we'll teach you step by step what you need to do
  • In order to develop your company and reach new heights
  • Everyone will be pleased from stakeholders to employees
Our Approach

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