Wholesale Distribution

The Challenge

Businesses with inventory to handle face numerous obstacles, but they also have numerous opportunities when it comes to inventory management. Inventory is often maintained in a stand-alone or semi-integrated system that does not fully integrate the data with other critical sources for corporate decision-making, such as financials and order data.

Inventory Management in NetSuite enables businesses to manage inventory levels in real time across numerous warehouses, third-party logistics providers, and/or shop locations.

Automated replenishment capabilities ensure that the proper inventory levels are maintained, avoiding excessive costs and missing sales due to stock-outs. Decisions on inventory management can have an impact on a company’s customer experience, earnings, and ability to develop and scale.

Dragonfly Consulting is your technology advisor, implementing NetSuite, and integrating it with third-party apps like Amazon, Shopify, Magento, Avalara, Bill.com, and many others

Dragonfly + NetSuite

When you combine the two, you’ll get a better NetSuite and Dragonfly ROI and push your business to the next level

  • Over 75+ of combined Oracle NetSuite Implementation Experience
  • Partners with every major product & service that integrates with NetSuite
  • A team of CPAs & CMAs
  • Proven Project implementation methodology with a 100% success rate – Project is 70% planning and 30% execution, therefore any project that is well planned will succeed.

You always have cost control with Dragonfly Consulting since you can do as much or as little of the fundamental work as you like and Dragonfly will take care of the rest.

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